Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Grouse Grind

52 mins

This week, I started a new workout routine which includes strength training after my running days (usually Mon/Wed/Fri). I decided I needed to build more muscle cos I feel like I'm plateauing with my weight / inch loss. I am not really seeing any more results and I figure I might be burning up muscle while I'm doing all my intensive cardio. If I build more muscle and don't overdo the cardio, I am hoping this new routine will tone and shape me up nicely. I remember last winter/spring, I had started swimming and that workout really toned my body and I really enjoy the new muscles :) I plan on taking up swimming again once the Grouse Grind is over (probably first week of October). Plus if I build more muscle, this will boost up my metabolism which is great cos then I can sneak a couple of cupcakes in my diet every month! =) Hoping to see results in the next two weeks, will keep it posted!

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