Saturday, September 26, 2009

House Warming Party

Tonite, I headed over to Val and Adam's new apartment in downtown for a mini house warming party. Wow, what a really nice place altho a bit on the small side at only 535 sq feet, a rare thing is they have a nice size balcony which can fit up to 4 adults comfortably. I can't imagine how much the rent cost but I bet worth the convenience of being downtown. These past few months, I have been thinking if I were to move, I think I would move into an apartment downtown for the sake of being so close to work and I love the downtown atmosphere at night, so lively, fun and entertaining. But the condos cost way too much and for the price you pay, it's def for the convenience factor not the size. There are many condos being built downtown and they are super tiny, good for a single person or a couple without children. But Kay is growing up quickly becoming a young adult and she is constantly hanging out either in downtown or Richmond so when the day comes when we have to move out of the basement suite, I will seriously consider moving downtown with Kay - I'm sure Kay won't mind. Back to the gathering, Val had picked up some Phnom Penh chicken wings (mmmmm...wings), chili tofu from T&T, fruits, veggie, dips and chips! I had brought over a fresh mango cake from Regent Bakery (famous for the fresh mango cake, mangos from the Philippines!!) and the other friends brought over beer and cheesecake. The mango cake was a huge hit and so worth the drive out to Richmond, the crazy traffic and drivers almost killed me! It was so much fun chillin' out with everyone, talked and discussed world events (not seriously), watched a lot of YouTube videos and lots of goofing around! The twins are so much fun and so goofy esp when they are a bit buzzed! We took a ton of photos but this one is probably my fave, the girls sitting on Shy and in photos after this, it's pretty funny - Rhoda tangled up in Shy's legs, hmmm... you need to have been there to find it hilarious! I had brought over my fave red, a Malbec and wanted to test out my red wine aerator so I ended up drinking about half of bottle of red and could not drive home until I sobered up so Kay had to wait until 3:30am before I could pick her up! She wasn't that impressed and I told her she needs to hurry up and get her driver's license so she can start picking me up on nites like this! Hehehe, reverse psychology my friends, she's now thinking twice about getting her license! Even tho, it was late nite, it was so much fun and by the end of the nite, it was just us 3 girls and it was nice. Thanks Val and Adam for having us over!

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