Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Water Bottles

I have been eyeing these glass water bottles for months and finally, I decided I needed to buy one for the office cos I was tired of drinking out of my ceramic mug. Chapters sells both sizes and I wanted to buy both but settled for the small bottle for my desk. I decided to google these glass bottles to see who made them and found out these were from Crate and Barrel in the US (Toronto just opened the very first Canadian C&B). At Chapters, the little one sells for $15 and I think the larger one is $25, such a bargain! Never have to use a plastic water bottle again plus I don't like drinking water from a stainless steel bottle either but didn't think I had a choice (water tastes better from a glass). With google, I found another company that makes very pretty glass water bottles, a company called Love Bottle, I am def going to pick up one from them as well (if they ship to Canada) and you can customize your glass bottle, how neat is that??!!??

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