Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!

Tonite, we celebrated my mom's birthday and she doesn't look a day over 40! We made reservations at Boston Steakhouse in Richmond cos my mom wanted to have steak on her birthday. At first, mom wanted to go to Stone Grill (under the Granville Street bridge) but she knew my brother and I were going to pay for dinner so she decided against it cos she didn't want us to spend that much money. We told her the next time she wants to eat steak, we are going to take her to The Keg instead cos they actually cook the steak for you! Mom, grams, my brother ordered from the stone grill menu (its a set meal that comes with a drink, sides and dessert - fresh mango "from the Philippines" cake) while Kay, HonHon and I choose from the regular menu ordering a fried noodle and Korean ribs hot plate. Before dinner, Kay and I headed over to Richmond first cos we had to pick up the fresh mango birthday cake from Regent bakery (yes that is how good it is!) and since we had some time, we shopped a bit in Aberdeen Centre but more on that later. After the meals, I had asked the waitress to bring the "cakes" which meant the birthday cake as well but she didn't get it and only brought over the 3 slices of mango cake with the stone grill meal. After 5 minutes, another waiter brought over the birthday cake with a candle and mom was pretty shocked by it! I told her, now she's got a whole mango cake to herself (well no not really, I'm pretty sure we are gonna finish it in a day or so!) but there is a lot of mango cake leftover. Once we were all stuffed with cake, mom opened her b'day gift, we had bought her a Kensignton laptop mouse cos hers broke and she couldn't justify paying that amount of money for it cos she got hers at a really great price! I didn't wait for the sale and decided if that mouse would make it easier and happier then it's worth the price. She of course loved it and I told her ENJOY IT. Hahaha, this family are so geeky! After dinner, we all went our separate ways (brother going out to party, mom and grams in their own car) but before we headed home, Kay wanted to stop over to Welltea so she could get a passion fruit slushie with pearls. I'm pretty sure she's gonna have a problem sleeping cos she has already had 2 large glasses of ice HK milk tea! Oh well, she's a teenager, she can handle it. Hopefully, my mom had a great time and she enjoyed herself even tho the dinner wasn't that great!

Before Dinner: Kay and I were at Aberdeen Centre to walk around a bit cos we had a bit of time left before going to the airport to pick up HonHon. We went over to Daiso and I picked up a few items for the house like a mini garbage can for the washroom, a file folder with many pockets for my recipes, and a remote control caddy for all our remotes. We also discovered a new Hello Kitty store on the 3rd floor called Memory Collection, omg, so many cute Hello Kitty items and all from Japan! I have not seen so many cool Hello Kitty items, I ended up buying a eye mask, new chopsticks and a cute Hello Kitty charm for my coin purse and she is tanned!! This is Hello Kitty from Hawaii! So cute! I must go back to the store, we didn't have much time left so I quickly picked a few items but def going back again to buy a cellphone charm, there was just too much to choose from and I couldn't decide on which one to get!!!

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