Saturday, September 12, 2009

Happy Birthday Jordan!

Wow, I can't believe Jordan turned 4 (actually his real birthday was a couple weeks ago) and it seems like yesterday that I went to his 2nd birthday party! Gosh, how time flies esp when you have children, Kay will be turning 16 next year and that to me is still so unreal! Rhoda and I headed over there together cos it made sense to take one car into Langley. Surprisingly we made it to their place without having to call Travis for directions! It was a smaller gathering this year and it was really nice to see everyone. Grace, Colin and Isabella were there and those two are so big! Isabella is holding mini conversations and it's so cool. I remember when Kay used to talk like that, gosh how time flies. Jordan, Tristan and Travis's niece are also growing up so fast and getting so big plus those kids are just so adorable. After the party, we headed over to Superstore on Lougheed cos I needed to pick up a few items. Brentwood was our next stop to enjoy some air conditioning cos it was soooo hot today! We also picked up an iced drink from Starbucks to help cool us down. We stayed a bit before heading home, Rhoda had dinner plans and I needed to get home to watch the complete first season of Fringe cos season premiere is this Thursday! I love this show!

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