Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Tupperware Virgin

I have never been to a Tupperware house party and was invited by a friend whom I reconnected with on FaceBook. I did feel a little out of place since most of the ladies in the group were either her cousins or friends from her mommy group. But it was a nice group and everyone is so nice! Plus it was interesting party with lots of goodies. I didn't really order much although, a lot of the mommies order tons of stuff! Before I left, there was a draw and I won two pieces of Tupperware!! It was a fun and entertaining night, now I can say "I've been to a Tupperware party!"

At first, I was a bit skeptical buying such expensive plastic containers but I do like how the containers sealed so well and how sturdy they were plus the lifetime warranty is pretty nice! Who offers that anymore?? Lifetime warranty!

These are the items I ordered:

Holiday Snack Cups 4pcs $14.50 - the regular ones are $2 more but I like the green cups :) Good for my mini snacks or bits!

Kay has been bugging me about getting her some sandwich containers so I ordered these ones for her. I was a bit worried that after opening and closing them over time, the back would fall apart but the SA assured me, Tupperware will replace them with the same or current model if it happens. 2 pcs $16.50.

I should be seeing these products in a few weeks, I am so excited, I know I'm a bit of a dork :)

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