Monday, October 13, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wow, I can't believe it's already Thanksgiving! But unluckily (or luckily, depends on how you look at it!) for us, we did not have a turkey dinner instead we had lobster as the main dish! Kay and I went to visit my father for dinner cos he is leaving for HK on Wednesday. We will not see him for 6 months which means no Xmas, no NYs and no Lunar New Year to celebrate! Since we are not "traditional" we did not go out for turkey :( but instead we had lobster at a Chinese Seafood Restaurant!! Just as yummy!!!

This afternoon, before seeing my dad, Kay and I headed over to Rhoda's place to visit. She just arrived back from HK and we missed her tons! She has been gone for 3 weeks and we were quite excited to see her and the dogs!!!! She brought back lots of goodies for lil Bosco and she didn't go crazy shopping over there which didn't really surprised me cos the fashion style in HK is a bit different from Vancouver. She only brought back a few pairs of shoes, black boots and misc items that you can't find here in Vancouver (beauty products and cute knick knacks!). Of course in her collection of goodies were souvenirs from HK and HK Disneyland - she and her sis are huge Disney fans. As we caught up with each other and helped her un pack her items, Kay and I realized how tired she was and we had to keep her awake. She planned on not sleeping until tonight so she could try to get back to a regular sleeping schedule. We made sure Jess came home before we left her so someone could keep an eye on her and smack her if she fell asleep. Once Jess arrived, we left to see my father and spend some time with him.

On another note.....
We def have something to be very thankful for, my dad's Volvo is built like a tank! On our way to dinner, some crazy lady turned left on the green and my brother clipped her as he was braking to stop but of course no way we could avoid the accident. Stupid woman! She blamed my brother and told him that she had a blinking green turn signal! WTF??!!?? There is NO LEFT TURN signal at that intersection!!! But thankfully, no one was hurt, we traded info and went on our way (to dinner cos we were getting hungry and it was cold standing on the corner!!). The stupid driver is at fault as she ran the green and the roads were wet and slippery so I don't even understand what was going in her mind. Did she think we were not going through the GREEN light??!!?? Anways, everyone is safe and we made it to dinner. Of course, I was super pissed cos I find being in an accident is very inconvenient! That is why I am always very careful in Richmond cos people in Richmond do not know how to drive!! On our way home from the restaurant, we saw another idiot turn left on a green while another car was going straight through the interesection!!!! RICHMOND....... stupid drivers.

Anyways, enough ranting..... the day was rainy and wet but not super cold although winter is really around the corner as the weather this past week has been freezing!! One day last week, I swear there was frost on the ground and it was so cold, my fingers almost fell off!! I think it is time to take out the winter jacket, scarf, gloves and hat!!


psychorich said...

I have witnessed more accidents in Richmond than any other cities in the world. Just horrible.

Joss said...

Happy belated Thanksgiving! Your lobster sounds delicious! What a great idea :)