Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shopping in the Mist

( My sweater dress is black with grey print)( I didn't see the jacket or I might have picked that up too!)

At lunch time in the mist, I headed over to Granville Street to look for a sweater from a Montreal designer Ruelle at Spank Clothing. I had an idea of which sweaters to try on but once I arrived, the blue ones I wanted to try on where not available and the cranberry ones that I did try on were not as nice as I thought they were! I ended up trying on a sweater dress and skirt by Cici which is designed by my fave local (Vancouver) designer, Jenny Yen of JY Star Apparel. For quite some time now, I have been looking for a fitted skirt for work but all the mass produced labels (i.e. R&W, Jacob, Dynamite etc.) do not make skirts to fit a girl without hips. I am Asian and I have no hips therefore all the skirts I try on have these mini flaps on the side. These flaps are not very attarctive and does not make the skirt tailored. But this skirt (Cici's) is BEAUTIFUL and fits me like a glove as if it was made for me!!! Sweater Dress $119 and Skirt $89 - the tailoring of these two pieces are beautiful and will outlast any skirt made by R&W or Jacob. Very very happy with my purchases :)

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