Sunday, October 12, 2008

Shopping in the Sun!

Wow, what beautiful weather we had today! Sunshine and even a touch of spring with the warm temperatures! Perfect day for a drive out to PoCo to buy natural ingredients for my plans on making my own beauty products for my face routine. There aren't many places around here in Vancouver that carry natural products (or have a huge selection) like herbs, essential oils / carrier oils or clay (for masks) etc. I needed to drive way out to PoCo to a place called Cranberrylane (which I just found out were sold to new owners in early 2000) to pick up some items to make a Green Tea Toner and a Green Tea Mask. The sales lady was very helpful and I ended up with some ingredients and more! Plus lots of tips on how and what to use with my Epson Salts. I have def noticed the difference on my skin since switching over to a more natural and/or organic beauty regime!! Plus my eczema is finally clearing up all thanks to the Rocky Mountain Soap Co Body Butter!!! After picking up the items, we headed over to Costco to do a bit of bulk shopping and ran a few more errands at LD, Walmart and Superstore. Finishing off the day with a nice organic salad and organic corn on the cob from yesterday's farmer's market! What a beautiful day it was to be outside!


Joss said...

Wow! Such a great idea trying to do your own facial products. I hope it works out really well :)

psychorich said...

Anything that would work for wrinkles?