Saturday, October 11, 2008

Farmer's Market!

This afternoon, Kay and I (finally!) headed over to Trout Lake to shop at the Farmer's Market, we have been meaning to go for the entire summer but we can't seem to get up early enough on a Saturday, market is open from 9am to 2pm. Gosh, I can't believe what we have been missing! There were so many local farmers and most of the seasonal veggies were organic! I wasn't sure if I would have enough money on me to pick up the fruit and veggies since I had forgotten to go to the bank machine to take out money but to my surprise, $25 was enough to cover more than a week's worth of veggies and fruit plus more! Now, I def regret not going any sooner (when it first opened back in May) cos I am sure there would have been tons more produce and fruit, all the lovely and sweet berries we must have missed! AND we love berries any kind of berry! Well there is always next Spring :) There are two more Saturdays before the market is closed for the season but there is a Winter's Market at Wise Hall in Vancouver.

There is also a UBC Farm Market which also has a lot of fruits and veggies but they are opened from 9am to 1pm and I have no idea how I would get there cos I always get lost when driving through UBC. I would love to check out their market as I have done some researching on it and they carry a pretty good selection of seasonal veggies! Also I am excited about the UBC Apple Festival cos:
Every year, between 11,500 and 13,500 kilograms (25,000 and 30,000 lbs) of apples are sold to a hungry public. Over 60 varieties of heritage, new and "tried and true" varieties are available, grown both conventionally and organically. These include the heritage apple 'Grimes Golden' and 'Ambrosia', recently discovered in Cawston, British Columbia.
Now with that quote, how can you NOT be excited??!!?? :)

We have been trying to buy local and organic fruits from BC whenever we can as we are trying to eat more local and organic. I just finished reading the 100 mile diet by Alisa Smith and JB MacKinnon and it was a very interesting read although, I cannot give up coffee or sugar, I am very impressed by their way of life for an entire year. The book was well written, witty, entertaining and didn't make you feel guilty (about your own lifestyle) or pushy. This is a really good read and I highly recommend it.

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Joss said...

I've been meaning to go to the Apple Festival for a few years now. Maybe this year, if there's good weather on the weekend....