Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Baby Boy!

Tonight, we all met up for dinner with Grace to meet her new baby boy, Colin. Rhoda and I always drive wherever we need to, to meet up with Grace, Travis and Lisa cos they have little kids and we don't mind driving the distance to see them. We know how hard it is to get all the little kids out and about. Grace picked a newly opened Malaysian restaurant in New West (which is convenient for both Grace and Trav) called Tamarind Hill Malaysian Restaurant. The restaurant is a bit on the small side but the service and food was great! The ambiance of the place is very Malay as well.

It was so nice to finally meet Baby Colin and he is adorable! It was also good to see Jordan, who's becoming a little man and Tristan, growing up so quickly and he is so full of energy! It was a lovely time as always and it's really nice to have dinner with such wonderful people and kids!

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