Saturday, October 25, 2008

Mom and Daughter Day

Today, Kay and I spent the day together, going to the last Trout Lake Farmer's Market and running some errands for HonHon. We headed off to the last market for the season at Trout Lake and since we got there so late (we both woke up late!!) arriving after 12.00pm, there wasn't much of anything left so we didn't get many veggies. We did stock up on apples though cos the apples there are the BESTEST! These ones from Apple Lane Orchards from Denman Island does not go brown after you slice them and every bite is delish and super sweet! After wandering around what was left of the market, we headed over to Safeway to drop off some recycling and to pick up some soy milk (Kay and I are cutting out dairy altho we are not cutting out good quality cheese) cos too much of cow's milk (esp non organic) is not good for you plus cow's milk is harder for your digestion system. I managed to convince Kay to use Silk Soy Milk instead of cow's milk cos it really almost taste like milk so I've heard and I still prefer the regular soy milk, I know Kay had a bit of an issue with the idea of using soy milk with her cereal. After Safeway, we headed down Broadway to pick up HonHon's contact lenses that I pre-ordered a couple days before. Gosh, what a nightmare! The traffic on Broadway is horrendous and right after we crossed Main street, on our way down to Willow Street, it took us nearly 30 minutes!! Once we finally arrived, we drove around the block for parking and once we found one, we dropped some coins to give us about 20 minutes. We picked up the contact lenses and since we had a bit of time on the meter, we decided to check out Steeps which is a tea house on Broadway. I didn't pick up any loose tea as I had already bought tons of the tea the last time I went tea shopping on Main Street. Since we were in the Cambie area, we decided to do some shopping in the Cambie Village right by our old apartment. We didn't get any organic onions at the farmer's market so we stopped into Capers to pick up some and there were these local organic raspberries that we couldn't resist! We also stopped into Shop Cocoon cos that used to be one of my fave boutiques to find local designers with a unique style, I ended up picking up a pretty green shirt by Cici (again, my fave local designer!) for only $35!! After Cambie Village, we decided to hit Oakridge Centre before calling it a day. There wasn't much in the mall that we haven't seen before but I could not resist and had to stop into Michael Kors. Darn it, I shouldn't have cos now I found the perfect black handbag!! Micheal Kors, large Skorpios shopper in black leather with silver hardware, $1295 but only 1 in the store and I don't think HonHon will buy it for me cos it's a lot for a handbag. I have been eyeing the white one for 2 years but decided against the white cos it's so hard to care for! Oh well, a girl can dream..... After Oakridge, Kay and I headed home so she could finish her homework and I walked over to Famous Foods to pick up some organic unbleached white flour, organic ground beef for pasta and organic (locally made) pasta sauce! Yes, we are trying to do as much organic as possible, now if I could only figure out how to buy organic meat directly from the farmer, I think that would really help keep our costs down!

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