Friday, October 24, 2008

Mexican Fiesta!

Tonight, Jas and I had dinner plans with Charly and Ivan (his roommate) for an authentic Mexican dinner. We arrived a little bit late since the traffic was terrible and it was quite a long drive for us (living in Vancouver and all....), Charly and Ivan live in a condo by New Westminster Quay. It is quite a nice condo with very nice views but way too out of the city! Since it took us almost an hour to get there (we were starving!) due to the rush hour traffic but the dinner was def worth the long wait. Once we arrived, the dinner was still in the process of being cooked and it seemed like they had a ton of food. Charly invited another friend for dinner, Martin (quite a character) and he brought over a nice bottle of red which we all enjoyed while waiting for the chef (Ivan) to finish cooking the delicious meal. We enjoyed the company and we had some very interesting and funny conversations. The appetizer was interesting, homemade wontons in a tomato soup! The enchiladas and tostidos (?) were magnificent! Ivan also made this incredible avocado sauce with a bit of a tang (spicy and sour) which complimented the dishes quite well. No sour cream or salsa involved and not too crazy with cheese either. The dishes were either baked or pan fried (no deep frying involved), it was pretty greaseless and I can't wait for the next Mexican dinner! Apparently there is a restaurant (Dona Cata) on Victoria street that serves authentic Mexican cuisine and is a family owned / runned restaurant so I will def have to check it out! Super yummy!! Thanks Charly and Ivan, it was the best Mexican cuisine I have ever had!!

We did take some photos tonight but I had forgotten my camera so we used Ivan's camera and he captured the moments while I photographed the food :) Hopefully, I will get them sometime this week so I can post them here or on my flickr account.

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