Tuesday, June 10, 2008

West Restaurant

Tonight, I was invited to dinner with Jess, family and B cos B was taking Jess out for her birthday dinner, FINALLY! Her b'day was Monday, June 9 but she had boot camp and didn't want to rush for dinner so they made birthday dinner plans for tonight. Reservations were made for 7.00pm at West on Granville, which is my fave restaurant in Vancouver. I felt so lucky to have another dinner at West cos I only get to dine at this restaurant once a year (it's so expensive!) usually a birthday or Valentine's Day. As always, the dining experience was excellent and the company very entertaining. They were discussing the wedding plans, dates etc and couldn't decided on certain things and arguing about other things. After dinner, we drove by a few churches to see what they looked like cos Jess and B are getting married at a United Church for Jess's mom cos she's Christian. Jess knows her mom would be really happy to see her baby girl married in a church but it can't be any church, it has to be a United Church. The three churches we looked at, only the first one looked nice but they all seemed way too small for their wedding. Must keep looking and I am sure they will find something to accommodate them as it seems there are many "united" churches in Vancouver and the lower mainland. Overall, the night was very entertaining and I love spending it with the girls! Thanks so much for the invite!

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