Friday, June 06, 2008

Happy Birthday!


Tonight, we started the celebration for Jess's birthday! Gosh, I can't believe she's turning 2* and getting married next year! To me she will always be a wittle girl..... time goes by so quickly .... I could swore it was just a few years ago when she was 14 and babysitting Kayesha, who is always two in my mind!

She planned on celebrating her birthday all weekend cos she's special and she's got a ton of friends to celebrate with her. Our group tonight, consisted of 4 of her BFFs, Rhoda, Nel and me, the plans were dinner at Brix Wine & Bar in Yaletown and clubbing at a new downtown nightclub after dinner. But Rhoda, Nel and I were not planning on going clubbing, on Friday nights, I'm usually too tired to even go out for dinner but it's a special occassion tonight. The restaurant had a few good reviews and the set up of the restaurant's floor plan is pretty interesting. They have a hidden outdoor patio which is pretty nice and casual. Inside the restaurant, it seems a little more trendy with leather seats and dark maghony tables. There is also a lounge downtstairs called George for after dinner drinks but we were not planning to head downstairs. The food was flavourful and fresh ingredients with a not so over powering sauce. the sides were nicely grilled and the quantity was perfect with the meal. I ordered the Alberta AAA Beef Steak, 8 oz tenderloin served with cheddar potato cake, veggies and sauce. Very delicious. The full menu was pretty interesting and I would like to go back for dinner again to try the other dishes. There is also a late night menu which looked very good and probably a nice way to compliment the many different wines they carry. I think Vince and Meryl would really enjoy eating and drinking wine here cos he's a bit of a wine connoisseur. Before he got married, we (Vince, Meryl, Jas and I) used to go out once or twice a month for drinks and appetizers, we wanted to discover different types of wines and to enjoy each other's company. We don't do that so much anymore. After dinner, we surprised Jess with a dessert and sang her HB! She quickly opened her presents cos Lisa, one of her BFFs, was getting a bit ancy cos it was getting late (dinner reservations were at 8.00pm!) and they wanted to hit the club before it got way too crowded. Plus they had friends that were meeting them at the club and there was also a SUV outside the restaurant waiting to pick them up. She looked quite happy to be celebrating it with us and she enjoyed all her gifts! I love her to bits and hope she had an awesome time at the club!

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