Sunday, June 01, 2008

Saturday Night Fun!

Tonight I had so much fun! I haven't gone out for a night on the town in a very long time so it was pretty cool that I did it with Ana cos this chica knows how to have fun! Tonight our plans were to hit Mona's Lebanese Restaurant in downtown for a belly dancing performance. At first glance of the restaurant, it looks really dark (the windows are blacked out) and shady (or ghetto) but once you step inside, it's loud and lively with music from the DJ and people are enjoying themselves on the small centre dance floor. The restaurant was super packed and we weren't going to get a table any time soon so we decided to have a drink at the bar while we waited for the belly dancing. We weren't sitting for very long before someone Ana knew came up to chat with her, this girl knows a ton of people and no one can forget her cos she's got such a great personality and charisma. She hasn't been in the city for a couple of years and hasn't been to this place even longer but people can't forget the beautiful Ana. Once the dancing started, we both wanted to see her up close so we were at the edge of the dance floor for a full view of the dancer, wow she is so talented, she is a superb dancer! What an amazing performance! She danced for about 15 minutes or so and incorporated her dance performance with a very sharp sword by balancing it on her neck, torso and head! Wow!! After we paid the bar tab, we decided to head out of downtown and onto Commercial drive cos there are lots of exciting entertainment on the drive! Esp lounges/bars with live bands or dancing.

Once we were on the drive, we decided to head over to Latin Quarter cos they are known to have a live band on the weekends. As we drove down the drive, we passed a few places that were packed and blasting live music from the doors. We parked right in front of LQ but it seemed quite dark, quiet and empty, we were hesitant to go in at first but decided we probably wouldn't get a table at the other places. Gosh, were we wrong and lucky to stop in! The band was taking a break and the place was certainly packed with a lot of people!! Lucky for us, we got the last table available in the band area. Our table seated us right in front of the tiny dance floor and right in front of the band. We ordered an appetizer and some drinks, talked some more and before you knew it the band was playing, the people were dancing and it was def. a great time! Ana did a lot of dancing as many of the customers came up to ask her to dance, it was so much fun! I met the new owner of the restaurant, a young entrepreneur and he's planning on making some changes and keeping some things the same. He and his partner just took over the restaurant a month before and was asking how I was liking the place. I told him about a bad experience I had here years earlier and he told me, there would be some changes, slowly but it was happening. This is a really fun and great atmosphere so I hope he does clean it up just a bit and revamp the menu! Maybe I'll have my birthday dinner at this place, it's quaint, fun and casual!

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