Saturday, June 14, 2008


Today, I spent the day with Rhoda, my BFF :) It is always so nice to spend the day with her even though we see each other on a daily basis cos we work a block away from each other. But on the weekend, it's a bit more personal cos during the work week, we only get about an hour to talk and shop. In the afternoon, she had a dress fitting on Hastings street for Ash's wedding (she's a bridesmaid) and after she was fitted, she came by to pick me up and we headed off to Richmond Centre. She needed to pick up a few more items for the ring pillows, she is making those for Ash/Kent and Cho/Susanna 's weddings. We walked around Richmond Centre for a bit, she found some of the crafty items and we quickly stopped in to check out the awesome sale at Costa Blanca. Gosh, did we ever score some great deals! Lowest ticket price was an additional 50% off!! I picked up a dressy teal top and long sleeved black blazer for under $20!! After we walked around the entire mall, we headed over to Langley Farm Market (which is located outside, no access from the mall) to pick up some fresh fruits before heading back into Vancouver. I picked up another great deal, 3 ripe bags of strawberries for $3.00!! I didn't mind that they were ripe cos I planned on using them for baking and smoothies. Once we got home, I started dinner (quick stirfry with brown rice) and Rhoda went upstairs to visit my mom for a bit while I cooked. After dinner, we took a look over the strawberries and it seemed most of them were pretty solid, very few mushy ones. We chopped the stawberries and mashed some bananas and we made up a new muffin recipe! Strawberry banana muffins. Mmmm.. they were good except that I over filled the muffin tin, overbaked them by 5 minutes and need to add some spices to the mix. Overall, it was a wonderful day and I love baking esp with my BFF :) Enjoy the photos!


Joss said...

Those muffins look delicious! You're making me hungry :)

psychorich said...

Those look so good. I hate you.