Thursday, December 24, 2009

Xmas Eve

Tonite we celebrated Xmas with my dad cos he's in Vancouver this year for Xmas and it's the first time in years since he's been here for this holiday. HonHon and I took a nap in the afternoon and woke up too late to pick up my dad's Xmas gift which is a Samsung 32" flat screen TV, we were clearly disappointed that we could not make it so I had to improvise on his gift. I ended up printing a colour copy of the TV with the specifications and wrapping that with the receipt in a tin chocolate box for him. We headed over to my dad's for dinner as he insisted on making us dinner instead of going out for dinner cos he really wanted to make abalone. Next year (if he's here) we are going to make reservations to go out for dinner cos it's way too much work for my dad and he does not have enough space for everyone to sit down to eat. We all ended up scattered around the living room and dining area for dinner. Once we were done with dinner, we had a lovely apple pie with ice cream (thank you T for this, my brother's girlfriend brought it over) for dessert. That was super yummy and the pie was full of organic apples, one of the best store bought apple pies I've ever had. She picked this pie from Whole Foods, I will def have to go and pick up one the next time I'm craving apple pie. After dessert, we surprised our dad with the gift and at first, he thought he got a box of chocolates until I made him put on his glasses so he could read the piece of paper stuck to the bottom of the tin that was his real gift! I think he loved it and is very excited to pick up his gift, hopefully on Boxing Day! Can't wait to hear what my dad thinks of his gift :)

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