Sunday, December 13, 2009

Happy (early) Birthday Rhoda!!!


We celebrated Rhoda's birthday with dinner at Nu Restaurant under the Granville Street bridge with a group of friends but our party was so large that we had our own room to dine in, this room is meant for small events and such, bonus is that it's complimentary. This turned out to be really nice and it was so awesome to see and catch up with everyone even though it was such a large group, I did find it a bit hard to mingle with everyone. The menu was simple and it was cool to see a number of 100 mile entrees. The food wasn't too bad but I def think brunch at Nu is much better than dinner. The service was not too bad altho by the end of the nite, we had some issues with our bills and it took them forever to get them organized and straightened out. Right before the end of the dinner, our friend, Tim picked up a 3 D Hello Kitty birthday cake for her and it was the coolest birthday cake ever but it was super sweet and the cake inside was just so so. After dinner, some of us headed into the downtown core..... a new club called Barcelona (previous known as Crush) night club. It was a bit difficult to find parking but Rhoda and I found a small and shady lot not too far (walking distance) from the club. The front entrance of the club was crazy packed and even tho we were on the guest list, we'd still have to wait in the VIP line up! OMG, I am too old to wait in line to get into a club!! Some of the girls "greased" the bouncers to get in first but I would never ever grease to get into a club! Luckily, Fel managed to track down a friend of hers and he managed to get 7 girls in but the guys had to wait and it was suppose to be only about a 15 or 20 minute wait time but they ended up waiting for almost an hour!! They were not pleased and left even tho they were the next ones to get in but it was a super freezing nite so I don't blame them for leaving :( Once inside the club, we manage to get free cover and it was time to party. Since I was in charge of the birthday girl, i did not drink one ounce of alcohol and kept a close eye on her, many people were buying her birthday shots, I even had a guy from Calgary buy her a birthday shot altho I manage to give it to one of the other girls cos by that time, Rhoda was too wasted to be drinking any more alcohol!! There was a guy who seemed to like Rhoda cos he was very protective over her :) It was a fun nite and I don't club very often which I know why cos girls don't know how to hold onto their glasses nor do these drunk asses have any manners!! The floors were disgustingly sticky and lots of broken glass all over the floor plus people kept spilling their drinks all over the place or people were just shovers!! Besides all that, it wasn't too bad of a nite and all that was important was Rhoda had a great time! She looked like she had an awesome time and everyone came out for her tonite and she totally deserved it! Every year, she looks younger - amazing!! I got her home at the end of the nite safely and almost into her bed :) Happy birthday and love you tons!!

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