Friday, December 11, 2009

Holt Renfrew & Burberry

Today I met up with Rhoda at lunch cos we went over to check out the new flagship store for Aritzia at Pacific Centre and gosh is it ever huge plus I love the modern decor, it's more suitable for the downtown crowd. It's nice that there is also a lot more store space which means there will be a lot more stock (hopefully!) and hoping the clothing will be more business casual or dressy and not so bummy. We just wanted to wander through to see the new store but since there was no promotion with the grand opening, we didn't purchase anything. After Aritzia, we headed over to Browns Shoes to check out the winter sale and I have been pretty good at avoiding all the winter shoe sales. It also helps that there isn't anything that has caught my eye and I recently picked up a pair of beautiful shoes by SW at Saks Fifth Avenue so I am all good :) We quickly strolled through Browns and Rhoda didn't find or see anything she liked so we headed over to Holt Renfrew to use her 25% discount card. I would finally be able to pick up my Burberry scarf and at a 25% discount!! Only with the HR American Express card though and it was for this weekend only, it's 25% off on all winter and fall items which means my Burberry scarf was included and at a really good price, less than $200!! It is so soft and pretty plus it matches my Burberry rain boots! This was the last one in the store, still quite a few trench small checkered skinny scarves and small check camel skinny scarves but that one did not match my rain boots. So thankful that Rhoda is such a great friend to me cos she let me charge it and pay for it next month (Xmas is here and budget is tight) plus I would have ended up going to the Burberry store to purchase this and it would have cost over $300 to match my boots! I would have picked up the larger scarf but I am good with this one, it will do the job and keep away the winter chills :) Thanks Rhoda, Love You Babe!

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