Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Company Christmas Party

After work, our company Xmas party was being held at the Hotel Vancouver aka The Fairmount Vancouver in a beautiful decadent room on the second level. The company party is very low key and it's an after work function for the employees only, no spouses, usually the party is scheduled for about 3 hours with a huge raffle and prizes at the end but I didn't stay very long this time. There is no formal sit down dinner, more like a selection of hot appetizers, sushi, smoked and glazed salmon, choice of turkey or lamb, and a dessert buffet. There is an open bar but you do get your one free drink from the company - the bonus of the year. I ended up dumping my bonus down the drain as I received the wrong glass of red wine (a glass of Jackson Triggs Merlot instead of the Pinot Noir). I made sure I went at least 3 rounds at the appetizer tables, skipped the meat table but one large plate of chocolate dessert! I didn't want any turkey or lamb cos the line up was much too long (planned to stay 20 minutes only) and I had dinner plans with my brother and his girlfriend at 7pm. I think I managed to stay for about 30 minutes before calling it a night, making my way around the room to say good bye and wishing them a happy holiday.

Once I got home, Kay and I headed over to Superstore to pick up a couple of items and also a couple of toys for the Pan Pacific Christmas Wish breakfast. Kay and I found some great toys within a reasonable price and I don't know how I would have found or picked these ones without Kay cos she is a little kid at heart, she wouldn't let go of the Crayola bath toy :) We ended up staying longer than we anticipated but that's ok cos my brother didn't end up coming until almost 8pm (he said he'd be there around 7ish). It was a really freezing night and I swear my hair was freezing up while we were walking from the car to Superstore and so forth.... brrr.... freezing weather for the next couple of days! This dry weather is not good for my eczema! It's so dry!! Plus our hands and lips are becoming flaky due to this dry dry freezing air....

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