Saturday, October 24, 2009

Taste of Yaletown had a really nice and reasonably priced menu ($25 / person). This was my first time at this place and I have been meaning to go but never had a chance to. It was a full house tonite and our table wasn't quite ready so we were offered the "red room". The red room is a room with a white leather couch, a few cushioned stools and a coffee table, the room was equipped with a TV and iPod dock and you could have the privacy away from the noisy restaurant by closing the door. We didn't do that tho cos it made the room feel really small and claustrophobic. The room is nice if you are having appetizers and drinks but not so comfortable trying to eat your dinner. The food was well presented and delicious but I was not impressed with the dessert. Overall, it was a good meal at a reasonable price and I think I would def go back again for dinner. I loved the decor and the restaurant setting. Plus the staff was incredibly attentive which we really liked and the manager gave me another dessert cos I expressed that I didn't like the dessert I chose off the menu. After dinner, it was still early (2 hour time slots for TOY) so we decided to try and get into a lounge or bar in Yaletown but it was impossible cos it's Saturday nite and we had no reservations. We walked through Yaletown to take a chance to see if we could get into Glowbal but it was packed, even Yaletown brewery had a huge line up, we decided to stop in a Blenz to have a coffee and chat some more. It was a good nite with good friends and it seems like we hadn't seen everyone in such a long time! Next dinner, it will probably be at Shel/Kitty's or Vince/Meryl's new place.

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