Saturday, October 24, 2009

Dim Sum and Shopping

Today Kay and I met up with Clare and Cass for dim sum at Victoria Restaurant in downtown to catch up on each other since there have been many changes since we've last saw each other. Clare and Cass moved downtown and being downtown means you don't need a car but since Clare had another appointment in downtown, we decided to stick in the downtown core (Kay and I usually don't have dim sum downtown since there are so many less expensive and yummier places closer to home). We ordered a bit of everything from the menu and Clare ordered a couple of glasses of white wine to go with her dim sum. After catching up and getting full from all the dim sum, Clare had to head over to her next appointment while Kay, Cass and I decided to walk around downtown to burn off the meal. I ended up picking a couple of items like a cute silver sparkle shrug from H&M and a pair of tights from Urban Outfitters. It was nice to be outside in the sunshine as we won't be getting much more of it. After shopping, it was time to head home cos I had dinner plans for the night. It was interesting catching up with Clare, a lot has changed since I've last spoken with her.

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