Thursday, October 01, 2009

Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Tonite, we made homemade pizza and of course, I used our new Zojirushi Bread Maker which I finally received! We have been waiting for 2 weeks for this bread maker to arrive and we were so excited to use it that we had to use it to make pizza dough :) Wow, the dough turned out perfect and it's already paying for itself. It's an amazing little bread machine and altho it was a bit on the expensive side, it's def worth every single cent! Our dough came out perfect, I rolled it out and put it on our pizza stone, in the oven it went, crust was perfect. We used our leftover pasta sauce and added a bunch of veggies from the farmer's market on Wednesday. Basil, brown button mushrooms, garlic, onions and lotsa cheese! Sooooo yummy, pictures speak for itself!

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