Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Tonite, I met up for dinner with Charly, we had dinner plans at Earls Restaurant on Lougheed Hwy in Burnaby. Usually, Tuesday is reserved for the Grouse Grind but he had bruised a muscle last week and is unable to hike up the trail. This was fine with me since I had thought our last time was the the last time cos last week, I was on holidays and he was moving out of his condo. It is so hard to get back into the Grind after skipping it a week and half and I wasn't too upset that we were not doing it. So we planned for a dinner cos I had something for his trip up to the Okanagan and we wanted to catch up before he left. Jas and I were suppose to head up to the Okanagan with them but I had to cancel since I do not have enough funds to go on this trip. I hadn't been to Earls in a long time and I wondered why, now I know why I haven't gone in so long. The quality (and quantity) in the food has gone down and I was disappointed with my salad which is suppose to be my meal but it wasn't a meal size! For $15, I expected a much larger portion and they forgot to add the cheese! I asked our server about it and she says it doesn't come with cheese but she did end up bringing me some from the kitchen. Also in my salad, they were not generous with the fruit (strawberries) or the candied nuts but added a whole lot of Quinoa!! I ordered a Bellini (Bellini Tuesdays $4) but was also disappointed with that, it was not that tasty and with only 1 oz of alcohol, I had to order another drink so I ended up with a glass of red wine. We did order a dessert which was pretty good but I don't think you can really screw up dessert. Overall, the experience was just ok and I will not be going back.

*Note: I am comparing the salad plate size to Milestones which are huge portions. For $15 I do expect much more than what was served by Earls*

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