Thursday, October 29, 2009

Reunion at Joey's

Tonite we had a surprised reunion! We got pretty lucky cos originally we were going to meet on Wednesday but ended up meeting on Thursday. All 4 of us have not been together at the same place in 2 1/2 years! Jen just recently got back from Australia and Karli was in Vancouver for just the one day / night! This meeting was meant to be and we feel so lucky to be able to all see each other to catch up! Jen and Karli are doing great and Karli is busy as ever. Jen is still looking for something but I'm sure she will find something soon with all her experience. Hopefully, she'll be in the downtown core and then we could have our lunches again!

We had dinner at the new Joey's on Burrard and Pender and it is very interesting how they set up this new restaurant. Designed a bit different from the others and I'm not sure I like where they put the washrooms cos they are far from the main dining area. Behind the main dining area and bar is another bar but a bit darker and more reserved, feels like it's set up for an older crowd, men in suits. The decor throughout the restaurant is unique and interesting plus I notice the crowd (after work) is a bit older and way more suits than I expected. I tried something different cos the menu is the same at every restaurant, I decided to go with the Ahi Tuna Club, mmm... that was pretty delish and I would order it again. After dinner, it was still early but we decided to call it a nite cos Karli, Rae and I were a bit tired from the long day. Even tho we didn't get to spend much more time together, I was happy to have the chance to catch up with both Karli and Jen! We miss them so much!

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