Saturday, November 01, 2008

Saturday Shopping

Today, I went to run errands with my mom. I wanted to return an item at Zellers so we headed over to Brentwood Mall first, she walked around and found a cute baby boy set for only $5.00! Mom's friend, Cece from Alaska, daughter and son both had boys this year so she wanted to pick up a little something to give with the lucky red envelope she is sending. After Zellers we decided to grab a coffee a Starbucks cos it was really wet outside and having something warm would not make it seem so bad! After Brentwood, we headed down to Chinatown to a warehouse that sold rice and misc items, they have the best prices on soy sauce, cooking oil etc! Mom picked up multiple (heavy) items and sauces cos we hardly go to Chinatown now. I don't really cook Asian food so I didn't really need anything except I found some yummy strawberry Pocky and dry shredded pork and dry wild salmon for congee or rice or mmmm.. maybe salad??!!?? :) Chinatown is so quiet now, I remember a time when it was so busy that shopping in Chinatown was like shopping in the mall during a Boxing Day Sale! After Chinatown, we headed over to Tinseltown cos I noticed yesterday as Jas and I were going up the elevator to the theatre, there was a store that looked very similar to Daiso in Richmond and I wanted to check it out. It isn't called Daiso but it is def a Daiso. Yaka Yoyo 123 is what it's called and that is a very strange name for a $2 store! Crazy Japanese! It's much smaller than Daiso but carried the same items, all for a toonie or less! We both ended up with a few items before leaving the store and hopefully these items won't end up in the junk box! After Tinseltown, we headed over to Superstore to pick up a few more things and by the time we were finished, we were getting a bit hungry, this is a sign to head home and start thinking about dinner. Auntie Ingrid came over to visit so they decided on a restaurant for dinner. A place called Golden Sparkle Chinese Restaurant (WTF??) and I have never been but they apparently serve a really good seafood fried rice. It wasn't too bad altho, they were a bit cheap with the seafood and the fried noodle dish was way too greasy!! After dinner, mom had a few movies to select from but I opted to say downstairs and enjoy the quietness in the house before Kay came home. Nice and relaxing day of errands.

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u kno, thy have blueberry pocky!!!