Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Kay's Cooking

Tonight, Kay made dinner for the first time (with a bit of help!). I decided over the weekend that she should help out more with the household and start cooking dinner once a week. We agreed that Wednesday night would be a good night cos it's the middle of the week so tonight was her first attempt. Not bad for little experience, of course there was some guidance and a bit of cheating (used a Tresso Teriyaki sauce - which is the BEST teriyaki sauce ever!) to make the Teriyaki chicken stir fry with fresh veggies and udon noodles. I told her to start her prepping at 5.15 even though we eat dinner at 6pm cos I knew it would take her a bit to prepare. Good thing she did cos by the time she was at the stove, it was 5.45pm! I told her to be very careful with the knife and just do it slowly cos she's not used to using such a large chef knife. She did it on her own and she was quite proud :) I am so proud of her, I knew she could do it even though she was worried. After dinner, I cleaned up the huge mess and told her to start thinking about next week's dinner. We are NOT having the same thing! LOL... and I told her, she'll have to come up with something other than asian and stir fry! Enjoy the photos, more photos on my flickr account!

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psychorich said...

Shake 'n Bake! Simple and very yummy.