Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Afternoon

This morning, Kay and I woke up early to hit the Winter's market a bit earlier than the last time cos we wanted to make sure we didn't miss out on the good stuff! Gosh, was it ever super busy today and with the sun out, I think people were more willing to come out! It was a great market, lots of great stuff and I'm happy that we arrived early, there were tons of farmers outside and much more inside with a lot of winter veggies on display. Kay and I picked up our apples (of course!), a winter squash, potatoes, mushrooms, onions and cauliflower. We also picked up some yummy Artichoke Pesto from Golda's and artisan all natural yogurt from Ridgecrest Dairy Ltd, a farm from Mission. To my surprise, the Hazelnut guy was there as well! I had fallen in love with the hazelnut oil that we brought back from Agassiz and could not locate this oil anywhere in Vancouver! He didn't have any hazelnut oil on display as he didn't have any available yet but he did have a new product, hazelnut butter (which I did end up buying one) and the sample was really yummy! He will be at the next Winter market and he will def have some hazelnut oil by that time. I am really excited about that cos this oil goes really well in any salad with a handful of his roasted hazelnuts! Very delish and yummy. After walking through and picking up our fruits/veggies for the next two weeks, we decided to check out Bosa Foods on Victoria since we were in the area and they are known to stock a lot of Italian goods. Wow, did it smell nice in there with all the freshly baked italian bread! Kay and I were quite excited to see the selection of pasta, dried cured meats, sauces and CHEESE. But we still have some cheese left from our last trip to the market so we didn't pick any up although we now know where we can get some good imported cheese for our pasta dishes! We did manage to leave the store with one item, an inexpensive bag of dried pasta :) Once we were finished, we headed home to drop off our items before heading over to Metrotown. I had to return the digital box I picked up from FS cos I need a new hard drive instead. I guess I will have to pick up the digital box next month as right now it's more important to fix and upgrade the PC. We headed over to FS to return the item and to see if FS would price match the Western Digital 500GB internal hard drive cos it was cheaper at Best Buy. But the aggressive sales person said he had to call BB to make sure it was in stock or else they would not price match it. I was like what? are you serious?!?! I know it's in stock cos I checked online before coming here! Since I didn't like the SP anyways, I decided to head over to BB instead and buy it there. Plus I have a BB rewards card altho (doh!) I forgot to bring it. Also, I like BB customer service, it is so much better and BB price matched an item for me yesterday without having to call FS to see if they had stock (which FS did not, of course!). Stupid FS, I hate that store and their sales staff. Maybe that's why FS has this policy cos their sales items are never in stock, it seems they sell out what little stock they have at the beginning of their sales. I think it's a conspiracy! After our purchase, we decided to walk around Shoppers Drug Mart and then over to Metrotown as we had about 45 minutes left on our parking ticket. Gosh, the mall is super packed which surprises me since it was such a beautiful and sunny day! I guess it's all about the holiday shopping! Wandering around the mall for a bit, we decided to call it an afternoon since we still had to go to HonHon's place to check his mail, I've been pretty lazy and hadn't checked his mail in three weeks! Yikes! Now it's time to get ready for Andy's birthday dinner and party!

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