Tuesday, November 11, 2008

4 Day Weekend!

Woohoo 4 day weekend! Love those :) But so sad cos it went by so fast! I can't believe it's already over :( weekends seem to rush right by.....

Kay and I headed over to Wise Hall for the first day of the Winter's Market! We were happy to see that our apple guy was still around and we picked up another bag of apples! $12 worth of apples cos they are so yummy! Most of the regular vendors were around altho many are now just stocking winter vegetables. I am not sure how to cook all these different types of winter vegetables so I guess I will have to google some recipes! Lucky for us, it wasn't raining too bad as it was earlier in the morning (Kay woke up late). The Winter's Market only happens every 2 weeks so I had to figure out what I could buy and what wouldn't spoil so quickly in the fridge. Kay and I always enjoy heading over to the farmer's market cos there are so many interesting stands and some many wonderful items to discover! After the market, we headed home and Kay started on her homework cos she was heading out on Sunday with friends while I gave Rhoda a call cos she wanted to do a bit of shopping.

Rhoda and I headed over to Baby's World and IKEA in Coquitlam and she bought a few items from each place. Superstore was next and I picked up a few grocery items plus a cute sweater for only $29.99! After all that shopping, we decided to call it a day so we headed back to her place to drop her stuff off, rest a bit and to pick up my car. After chilling a bit, we decided to head over to my place to have dinner. Lucky for us, my mom was home and she made us a yummy asian dinner with soy sauce pork, bean sprout dish and BBQ duck/pork take out. Everything was delish altho I found the take out a bit too salty and was super thirsty after dinner. Rhoda hanged out with us a bit more before calling it a night.

On this rainy day, mom and I ran errands cos she didn't get much done yesterday. We headed over to a few places to pick up her groceries and off to LD to pick up some sale items that she needed. Mom ended up buying me my very own pasta maker, I am so EXCITED, can't wait to test this out! Kay and I have been debating if we should make our own pasta since we do not like boxed lasagna and now we can do it ourselves, just have to find some recipes. After our errands, it was getting late and we decided to go out to eat so we didn't have to cook. We decided on Miu Garden cos grandma likes the curry brisket and we have been meaning to pick some up for her. After dinner, I chilled and relaxed.


Shopping in the States with my BFFs :) with the exception of Kay. She had school today! Aw too bad so sad... we spent the entire day in the States and I did pretty good. Only spent $200 USD and I didn't have to pay duties when we crossed the border cos I only claimed $105! We ended up to the usual places and I was a bit disappointed that I didn't see anything at the Outlet! Nada. We headed over to a new shopping centre called University Village and it's an outdoor shopping centre right by University of Washington (thank you to the mini gps). It's a pretty nice place and of course, it's new to us so it was a bit more exciting. We ended up in a little boutique called Mercer that had Citizens of Humanity (and 7's) on sale for $84 USD in my size!!!! Vancouver has these designer denims but are priced over $200+ a pair so it was a great deal and I could not resist them. Plus I don't own a pair of Citizens so I managed to justify this purchase in my head. I picked up a few items from Sephora (which was my main reason for going to the States) and I ended up with a Shu Uemura 24kt Gold eyelash curler (only available at Sephora), a Too Face lash injection pin point mascara and I picked up a Kat Von D metallic purple liquid eye liner for Kay. I always end up picking up a little something for her and I felt sorta bad that she had school today!

After all our driving and shopping, we decided to head back to Vancouver making one last stop at Bellis Fair. As we were driving back, we ended up in a minor accident on the freeway, a lady rear ended us cos she didn't realized we all had stopped and she didn't have her eyes on the road cos she was looking at her baby in the back seat!! OMG... it was a bit scary actually cos I have never been in an accident outside of Vancouver, plus the freeway was jammed packed with cars as we were in the middle of rush hour. It is pretty scary standing on the side of the freeway with these cars zooming past you! But it's def. a first time I've ever stood on the freeway having a cigarette! I was a bit worried about getting back into traffic cos there never seemed a break in between the cars but Rhoda managed to get us back in. But we missed our exit (to I-5) and had to take a long route around (kinda like Lougheed Hwy) back to I-5. I was hoping to find a Hello Kitty t-shirt at Bellis Fair but did not manage to find anything :( After a brief walk around, we headed towards the border, the wait wasn't too long (thank goodness!) as we were getting a bit hungry (we decided to eat in Vancouver). Rhoda and Jas ended up paying taxes cos we declared $800 USD total. Lucky for me, I only declared $105 USD ($70 USD in make up was stashed in my make up bag) and I didn't have to pay taxes! Once we crossed the border, we went to Richmond to eat dinner, we all wanted something light and easy so it was beef brisket, wonton noodle soup for us! It was a fun but tiring day and we did some great shopping! Plus it was awesome to have my girls bond :) This was def. one of the best shopping trips ever!!!
Today was a bit of a rainy day and I stayed home to rest and bake. Mom had wanted me to help her rake up the leaves but she never called or came down and when I went outside in the afternoon, she had already finished raking most of the yard. I didn't think she was going to do it today as it was very wet and cold but she wanted to get it done before she left for Vegas. I am now thinking I am not so sure I want to live in a house, the yard work is HARD WORK! Since my mom didn't need my help, I decide to catch up on my house errands like cleaning the washroom, doing a couple of loads of laundry, baking my muffins and waffles etc. It was nice not to be running around and out in about. It was a nice just being at home, altho I did end up going for a walk after dinner in the rain, I love walking in the rain esp when it's coming down hard. Love the freshness and crispness in the air.


psychorich said...

Smuggling someone in the back seat?

psychorich said...

We have one of those pasta makers...home-made noodles are so yummy!

Joss said...

I'm heading down to the States for their post-Thanksgiving sales. Should be madness :) Glad you are all okay from the accident. Cool photos though!