Sunday, November 02, 2008

Dinner with Kitty and Shel

Tonight, Kay and I went to visit Kitty and Shel's new house! Gosh, what a beautiful job on the renos and the house is incredible. I love the custom kitchen cabinets and the spa like bathroom. A wonderful extension to the back of the house by using up half of the patio. It was such a lovely time and so nice to see them both, it seems like forever since we've last seen each other. AND I finally got to see the beautiful wedding photos gosh, so gorgeous and beautifully done, the photographer captured the moments perfectly! Thank you Shel for cooking and firing up the BBQ. It was so nice to sit down and catch up and somehow we managed to get invited back over for turkey dinner!! We love having turkey and would never turn down a turkey dinner with good peeps!!

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