Friday, November 21, 2008

Burberry at the Shangri-La Hotel

A Burberry boutique has opened in Vancouver! Wow! I am so happy to FINALLY see a Burberry boutique in our city! I did notice the store front yesterday (co-workers were hinting at it) and when I looked to see, I noticed it was and SAs were busy stocking the shelves and setting up the store for the grand opening. Just in time for the holidays! After my lunch appointment with Val (we checked out Joe Fortes for our Xmas luncheon), we went over to the new Urban Fare (at the Shangri-la Hotel) to see what they had and to pick up lunch at the deli counter. I briefly strolled through the store on my way back to the office (it is directly across from my office! oh no! dangerous!) and was amazed to see the beautiful set up. It is def nice to have a Burberry here cos the only other place that carried Burberry is Holt Renfrew and HR is very limited to what they have in stock. This boutique carries the entire collection including men's and women's clothing, shoes, handbags/wallets and accessories! While browsing through the store, I noticed a couple of familiar faces, Peggy (previously with Dior, Holt Renfrew) and another SA (previously with Louis Vuitton, Hotel Vancouver), this reunion was quite funny and I'm happy to know that I will have a new SA at Burberry. It's always nice to have a SA that knows who you are and what you like which means they can give you better service and the right amount of attention. Plus she knows I love pink and showed me a cashmere pink scarf which I loved but wasn't looking for that colour. She did me find the "Trench" colour scarf I was looking for and I am happy to see there is a few in stock. HonHon is buying me a cashmere scarf (the above) for Xmas and I am SO EXCITED cos I have wanted one of these for a long time and it's going to match my rain boots! Can't wait to pick it up! :)

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