Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Xmas Lunch

Today, we had our group's first Xmas Luncheon! This being our first Xmas lunch (with a small and last minute budget) meant that I had to capture the moments with my camera! It was a little nerve racking trying to plan a lunch last minute for 50 people. But V manage to do it and it was a really nice place with great food. Many of the people in our division showed up and that was pretty impressive but who could turn down a free lunch and a glass of wine? Our lunch was held at the Savory Coast on Robson Street. Val decided to limit the menu by choosing a few of the entrees off the regular menu to be served at our lunch. With a little bit of organizing and dealing with the restaurant owner, we got it down to a few yummy dishes which seemed to be a big hit with everyone. Included with our luncheon was a raffle draw for Canuck club seats tickets for 3 upcoming games. Guess who was a lucky winner?!?! Yes ME. I won a set of the tickets and I never put my name in these draws only. But V decided that everyone should be entered and if the person who won them didn't want them, she could draw another name. But who could turn down these awesome seats? Not I. It was a really nice lunch and I can't wait for next year's lunch when the budget is a little more and we have more time to plan it! Photos from Lunch

Merry Christmas!!

Go Canucks Go!

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