Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lunch with my Socabutterfly

What a nice surprise! Today, I managed to see a very dear friend of mine for lunch! Marie, my sweet sunshine cheery lovable friend, dropped by for lunch so we could catch up on each other and for her to pick up a package she is going to courier. It's really nice to know someone who works for Fedex because of the great discounts I get for shipping. I don't usually ship with her though only when something needs to go somewhere FAST. She's such a funny and lovely person to hang out with. We had lunch and caught up a little bit with the drama in her life. She may be moving to my area soon which is really exciting, that means I can see her more often! But probably won't be moving until early Spring of 2007. After lunch, we headed back to my apartment and I gave her the Xmas friendship gift I purchased for her earlier in October. Apparently she does not celebrate Xmas or Birthdays or any of those made up holidays because she found the origins of Xmas and Birthdays. Huh? Yeah, freak. Just kidding! Still love her even though she's WEIRD. hehehe... It was a short but sweet lunch/gathering and then it was time for her to go and meet another friend, yeah, she is a busy busy girl!

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