Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas!

It's the first Xmas without R being in Vancouver and our day took off quite slowly (I didn't wake up until 10.30am). There is a rule about opening Xmas presents and that rule is no one can open presents until everyone is up. No cheating which means you can not wake the other person up. Poor Kay, she was up at 8.00am and waiting patiently for me to wake up. When I finally got up, Kay rushed over to the Xmas tree to open her presents. Wow, did she ever get some good presents:
  • Pink Canucks Baseball Cap ~ Thank you V & M
  • Pink Gap Pullover ~ Thank you Great Auntie Ingrid
  • Garage White Zip Pull up Hoodie - Thank you Jas
  • Nintendo Game Cube Cordless Remote - Thank you Uncle Warren
  • Ice Age DVD ~ Thank you Santa
  • Nintendo Game Cube Mario Party 7 ~ from us
  • Fergie CD ~ from us
  • Pink Ipod & zCover silicone clear case ~ from us
  • Lucky "lai tse" (red envelopes) filled with $$ ~ Thank you Grandma and Great Grandma
It was awesome to see the excitement in her eyes when she saw her new pink Ipod. Yes, she's a spoiled little girl but she doesn't act like a brat and she's a very good girl. After opening gifts, she tested out her new video game with her new remote control while I checked out Best Buy and Future Shop's Boxing Day sales. I could not purchase the HP Colour Laser printer online because the site servers were super busy and overloaded, it seems I may have to go out to the store to purchase one if there are any left. I hope I can get one tomorrow or Thursday because it's a really great Boxing Day price and it would be nice to finally have a colour printer for Kay.

Before heading over to my mom's for Xmas dinner, I asked Kay to run over to Starbucks and grabbed me an Americano. It's crazy how Starbucks is open on Xmas day and I bet it totally sucks to be there! Kay said the bar people didn't look to happy being there and although they were not too surprised by Kay's request for an Americano, she got quite a few stares from the customers in the shop. We headed over to my mom's for dinner around 4.00pm. My brother was super late and we were starting to worry about him but apparently, he had a super long night (partying of course) and sleep in very late.

We had a non traditional style dinner, we had steaks as the main course for dinner. Super yummy! We love steaks esp. tenderloin steaks. Also included were potatoes, garlic bread, baked pasta, and ceasar salad. Very yummy! After dinner, we rested at the dinner table while Kay was patiently waiting for us to give her the ok to open her presents under my mom's very interesting Xmas tree. The time finally came and Mom did an excellent job at fooling my brother. It was a good night and nice to be around family on this day.

Hope everyone had a joyous and happy Xmas Day!

Xmas Dinner Photos

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Joss said...

LOVE the Christmas photos and steak for dinner is a great idea! Save a turkey :)