Wednesday, December 13, 2006

O Xmas Tree

Here is it. A little late in the month but only because originally we wanted a 7 foot tree this year which we did purchase at HBC but when Kay and I put it up, we did not realize how UGLY FAKE XMAS TREES ARE! I mean our little one is fake too but it doesn't look like a fake. Also, our little one is one piece and when we pull it out of the box, all we have to do is fluff the tree up. We are going to return the ugly fake tree and maybe next year we will buy a really Xmas tree or see if we can find The Christmas Store in the mall or in the city somewhere to purchase a new fake Xmas tree. But I haven't seen this store in a long time! I don't even know if there is one in Metrotown this year. That is where we bought our little Xmas tree....

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