Thursday, June 08, 2006


My new Louie... I LOVE IT... now, I need a matching wallet.... (notice the tag states "made in France", this one came from Taiwan, the Cite line bags available at Holt Renfrew or Hotel Vancouver LV are made in USA, umm... no)My Hello Kitty stuff, yes I am 30 yo and I still love Hello Kitty.

Kay's belated b'day gift.
She was super excited and she played on her new Game Cube for almost 3 hours!

It's nice to have R back for a week and a half. He looks like he really needs a vacation. We are happy and excited to have him here even though he is going to mess up our schedules!! Being on vacation for a week and two days will be good for me as well. No more photocopier, no more scanning and no more data entry, just going to relax. Gosh, how nice it is to say that, I'm on vacation. Yipee!!

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