Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Grouse Grind

Today right after work, I headed to Grouse Mountain to hike The Grouse Grind with a friend. I had forgotten how difficult this hike is. The first time I did it, I was 25 years old and hitting the gym three times a week, obviously in a little bit better shape than I am now but gosh, now I am aware of how old my body is! The Grind is basically an ongoing stairmaster, most of it is at a 90 degree angle. It was a huge relief and a very wonderful feeling to finally reach the top without collasping or dying on the path. This time, it took me an hour and thirty minutes but the first time, I managed to do it in an hour and ten minutes which I was hoping to beat. Not even close! While hiking The Grind, many people (some my age and many older than I) hiked past me, I felt pretty bad and out of shape but it's amazing to see how many people ask how you are doing. It's courtesy to move yourself over to let the faster hikers pass and many people were asking how I was doing while hiking past me, I must have looked pretty pathetic up there! Apparently last week, some guy had a heart attack on The Grind and he was in great physical condition... a pretty scary thought. My lungs were not holding up too well, it felt very congested and so many darn mosquitos! Yech! I need to remember to bring bug spray up with me. At least, I burned off a zillion calories hiking up there :) I think I will start doing The Grind once a week until the Mountain closes it off for Fall. It's great exercise and it beats Soldiers of Fitness, which I was thinking about joining for the summer but I don't think I can stick to their program. Also in mind is Pole Dancing, sounds and looks like a lot of fun, I hear it's a great cardio workout..... I wonder how sore my body or my legs will be tomorrow morning.....

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