Friday, November 11, 2005

Girls Night Out

K had a bunch of girls over for Girls Night Out at her place because her boyfriend was out of town for the weekend. She has a really cute little apartment by Lougheed Mall. Reasonable rent and very nice spacious apartment in a concrete high rise. She's trying to convince people to move into her building and I'm considering it! Anyways, she invited a bunch of different girls to this outing and although it was a little bit slow in the beginning, in the end we were all getting quite comfortable around each other.

I had to leave the party at 9.45pm (yes early!) because Kay could not sleep over at V's place. At the beginning, I had two glasses of red wine (I brought 2 bottles of red for the party) but right after those two glasses, I had cranberrty juice.

It was a really great time. She is like a Martha Stewart. Food and decor, music and candles. Beautiful. We should do it again soon. I really enjoyed the company and it's nice to be able to kick back and relax with the girls.....

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