Monday, March 01, 2010

Bikram's Yoga

First Bikram yoga class and gosh was it ever tough! 90 minutes in a room set at a temperature of 40C plus a room full of sweaty people is not my idea of a workout but gawd, was it ever DAMN HARD. Even tho, it's stretching and low impact, it really makes a hard impact to your body. I didn't realize how stiff my body is and it's going to take many many classes to give my body more flexibility and probably years of practice to even to do all 26 intermediate poses. The goal for tonite was not to leave the room in the middle of the class, not to faint or to throw up and if I could manage more than 20 poses, it was great accomplishment. I did manage to try 24 poses and I had to lie down for 2 of the poses cos I felt a bit dizzy. After the class, my entire body felt like I hiked the Grouse Grind, it's an amazing feeling!!! I am looking forward to more yoga classes this week and I hope that I can make thru it! If I can, I will def look at signing on for long term commitment.

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