Saturday, March 06, 2010

Bikram & Cobre Restaurant

This afternoon, I decided to head over to Bikram yoga in Kits cos I wanted to check out the studio and my fave instructor would be teaching a 4pm class. I'm so glad I did cos I didn't realize how much larger the Kits studio is and the washrooms are so much bigger than the downtown location! I arrived a bit early so I walked around West 4th to check out the boutiques, luckily I did not have that much time so I did not end up buying anything! It was a great class and I do really have to say that he is def the best in the business! As he should be since he is the one who brought Bikram Yoga to Vancouver! After my class, I quickly headed home to take a shower and get ready for dinner with Charly. We were meeting up for dinner since we had not seen each other in such a long time plus he's my foodie buddie since he enjoys dining out as much as I plus he enjoys trying out new restaurants. I really wanted to try out Cobre Restaurant as I heard some interesting things about this place. The restaurant interior is rustic and warm with lots of dark woods and cream coloured walls. It looks as if the building was once a loft which has been converted into a restaurant; with 3 main levels, the bar and kitchen on the second level also ground level, a basement which looks like it's used for private parties and the top floor with a few more tables for dining, all open concept which made is look very spacious. We ordered a few dishes to share as the menu offered a selection of tapas and is meant to be shared. The dishes were very tasty with many lovely flavours throughout each dish that we ordered, the fusion of the south american flavours with north american dishes like BC sable fish with chili salsa and fry bread or the maple chipotle wild boar belly or the pulled duck charred scallion with garlic taqueria (also know as tacos) were very unique and flavourful. Great combination of tastes with the different types of meats and SA recipes. Although I found the dishes uniquely delicious, I would probably not go back for dinner unless I was with a larger party and we were coming back from drinks or lounging. The dishes were quite small and the two of us were still a bit hungry after our meal. Esp myself since I had finished a 90 minute hot yoga class and was starving. We ended up picking up a cupcake for dessert as we were in the neighborhood of my office to pick up more boxes for our move. It was really nice catching up with Charly and I hope he has a fabulous trip to Europe next month, lucky guy, he's gone for the entire April!

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