Saturday, March 27, 2010

Busy Busy Month End!

What a month! It's been a crazy and hectic month of packing, moving, packing, more moving, giving away stuff, going through stuff, and I can't believe how much STUFF we do have! Hopefully, we will get all our stuff out by the end of the month but it's not looking like it. If Kay could hurry up and pack up her room, maybe we'd get some stuff done!

On another note, it will be a great relieve once we get everything into the Burnaby condo and out of the east side basement suite that is much too small for the both of us! Plus it'll be nice to have our own bedrooms, a real living room and nice sized kitchen and not to pay any rent!! Hopefully, these savings will help pay off my last owing credit card debt and save enough money for a near future trip to Asia! Wish us luck!

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