Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Report Card

I am not impressed with Kay. Not at all. Tomorrow is Parent Teacher Night and I asked if I needed to go, is there anything I should discuss with her teacher. Last night, she finally came home with the notice for setting up appointment times with 4 teachers. I didn't think much of it until bed time (while I was already in bed!) and asked what am I suppose to talk to the teacher about? Your grades? Hey wait a second, I got a message from the school last week about report cards! Where is her report card? Well she has been holding it this entire time and she didn't give it to me cos I didn't ask for it!! WTF?? You are kidding me right? She is so sneaky! If I never asked for it, I would have never have gotten it. Not impressed at all.

1 comment:

peachy said...

she's turning into a proper teenager now.