Friday, December 19, 2008


After work, Jas and I met up for dinner and some shopping. I wasn't expecting to find anything at all but thought I would check out Holt Renfrew and Brown's designer shoe sales. At first, I found a really cute pair of Stuart Weitzman ballet flats (similar to what I already own) at HR but it was half a size too big and I wasn't willing to pay that price for them, maybe if they were less than $100 I would have considered them. I moved on to Browns and found really nothing in my size and didn't expect too since I was there a couple days before. But a pair of black Casadei caught my eye but when I tried on the display shoe in my supposed size, it was much too small so I tried a size up and couldn't believe it fit (with a bit of room, probably 1/2 size would have been a perfect fit!). I picked up the black and the red pair and could not believe the price!! $700 shoes marked down to $399.98 and down to $99.98?? I couldn't believe it, I actually had to stop a SA to make sure they were marked down to that price and she confirmed it. She brought out the other shoes so I could try them on and even though it was slightly loose on me (half a size or less), I decided I could go out and buy some insoles cos at THIS PRICE, how could I not buy them??!!?? Plus these are beautiful shoes made in Italy and so very comfortable even though the heel is so high. But when the cashier rang it up, it came up to $400+!! Apparently, they were $199.98 not $99.98 but I said, the SA confirmed the price of $99.98 and that is why I am buying both pairs. The SA came to the cashier and when the cashier pointed out the "1", the SA said no give it to her at the $99.98 price cos the price was deceiving and she didn't even realize it was $199.98!! She said she would sign off on it and I was so happy to hear cos I hadn't been able to buy anything in so long and finally, I managed to get out of my shopping rut! What a great deal and so happy to have them!!

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