Saturday, December 06, 2008

Early Xmas Holiday Cheers

Tonight, we celebrated an early Xmas potluck dinner with Vince, Meryl and R. At first, the host/ess(s) wanted us there at 5pm but there was no way we (Jas, Kay and I) could make it so early cos we all had a ton of things to do before dinner. R had to leave early cos she had other plans for that night. But that is way too early for dinner and not enough time to run errands.

In the afternoon, Kay and I had gone to the Winter's market to pick up our veggies and fruits for the next 2 weeks. It was a rainy and wet afternoon and you would think it would have been quieter but no such luck. It was packed and lots of people made it out! Our very first stop as always was the apple guy and we got some very disappointing news, this was the last market for him cos he is done for the season. :( Kay grabbed as many apples as she could cos these apples are the bestest! We can still find apples at the other farms but def no comparison to these apples. After the market, we had to get a hot drink, Kay went with an apple cider and I had an Americano and then we headed home. Kay had afternoon plans with her friend to finish up a project they were working on and I had a few more errands to run with my mom. Jas was also busy running around and she could not make it to my place until 5.30pm. I made an organic and local salad from the veggies I picked up in the afternoon and Jas brought dessert, mmm dessert.

Lately, I have been feeling very depressed and not really wanting to socialize, I'm sure it's cos I had my purse stolen and that is the cause of my icky mood. But after a while, I could not help but be part of the holiday cheer after dinner. Food and dessert always brings people together. Vince and Meryl cooked a lovely vegetable prawn dish and a chicken casserole dish served with white rice. I brought an organic salad (the carrots were super sweet and so fresh!) and of course, Jas brought dessert, cheesecake and chocolate cupcakes and R brought an appy, brie with garlic and dried cranberries served with crackers. I didn't eat much cos I haven't been hungry since that black friday (the day my purse got stolen and ironically it was a Black Friday) and since I don't eat white rice, I had a good sized plate of my salad and a bit of V &M's chicken dish. It was nice to see everyone before the holidays and so very nice of Vince and Meryl to host the dinner party cos we know how busy they are with their upcoming trip. How lucky they are to be going to Asia for a month and celebrating Xmas and New Years out there! I could use a holiday, well this May, I might be heading to NY NY! We'll see.... No presents were exchanged as per my request but V&M were very thoughtful in giving Kay a little something for Xmas (Metrotown GC, how can you go wrong with that??)

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