Saturday, December 20, 2008

Dinner at Kitty & Shel's

Tonite, we headed over to Kitty & Shel's house for a turkey dinner! There was a minor problem with his pipes (frozen!) and he thought he might have to postpone it but thankfully, the water came back on! The turkey and fixings were so delicious and I am so thankful to have a holiday dinner with them. They are good people with huge hearts and we treasure their friendship, we hardly ever see each other and never had Xmas dinner together so it's the first time since we've known each other. Hopefully, not the last! Charly came by to pick us up cos my car was still stuck in my parking spot and he drives a SUV with 4 wheel drive. I wouldn't drive anyways with the roads still icy and sloshy plus we had heard it was going to snow tonight! Charly brought some appy's, Jas brought dessert (mmmm...cheesecake!), Kay and I brought veggies with dip. Dinner did start a bit later than planned but there were lots to munch on. We caught up with each other's lives and watched a replay of Trevor Linden's retirement at GM Place, they officially retired #16 in his honour. It was a bit sad to see his retirement but it is awesome that they recognized his career with the Vancouver Canucks. Once, the turkey was ready, we sat down and helped ourselves and watched the hockey game on the PVR. After dinner, we rested a bit and had a slice of Urban Fare's vanilla bean cheesecake, mmmm... that was super yummy! Around 10ish, we decided we better head out cos the snow was coming down hard and Charly had to drive us all home. Plus he had to pick up and drop off his g/f as well. It was an awesome night with great people and delicious food! Enjoy the photos!

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