Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snowed In!!!

First day of December and the first day of SNOW!! Amazing and what a beautiful sight!

Today, I was suppose to have lunch with Jas and we were going to do a bit of shopping downtown but the weather was super cold and it was snowing!!! Jas and I decided to call lunch another time, maybe some time during the work week as we both didn't really want to head out in the snow. I also had to cancel my evening plans which was a birthday/housewarming party in Mission. But I didn't want to take the chance of driving out there and getting caught in the snow storm. Earlier on the news, there was a snowfall warning and I decided to take the warning seriously. Besides, my little VW bug would def. not make it to Mission and back through 5 or 10 cm of snow!!

Since I canceled my plans, my mom decided she wanted to go out in the snow and that we should take my grandma's car cos grandma's car/tires can handle the snow to run a few errands. The snow was not coming down too hard in the beginning so I figured it would be ok to drive out there and the main roads aren't so bad cos the salt trucks and snow pushers were already out on the roads. My gosh, were we ever wrong!! The snow kept coming and it was so FREEZING cold out there!! Already, I had on a couple of layers (including a cashmere sweater) and a big down filled jacket with a hood and scarf but my rain boots did not work in the snow. My feet were freezing and my jeans were def. not warm enough, I should have worn some long johns or tights under my jeans!!! I def. am investing in a pair of snow boots cos I think everyone should have some esp. living with weather like this!! It was predicted that we were going to get snow for the weekend and I actually went on Robson to look at some but didn't buy any cos I didn't think it would actually snow and if it did, not like this! Plus the practical ones are ugly and the fashionable ones, hmmm... not sure if I actually want to spend that much money on a pair of snow boots. We quickly ran our errands so we could get home as soon as possible. After our errands, mom was upstairs making dinner for us and Kay decided to take Ari out in the snow. Gosh, did Ari ever enjoy the snow! He is so cute, he was jumping and chasing Kay and eating the snow!! It was great to finally come in and have some hot chocolate though :) After playing in the snow, Ari needed to take his bath and he was not too happy about that. But now he is so soft and clean! Great day in the snow!

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