Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Finally, the day has come and gone (thank goodness!)!! The stress and overdraft in my bank account leading up to this day was insane but worth every bit of it!! Christmas arrived with a white bang, yes a white Christmas! Vancouver got snow on Christmas day which is unheard of since we haven't seen snow in many many years.

The day started off with me driving out to Richmond to pick up my brother in my grandma's car cos my car and the tires cannot handle the snow. Gosh, I forget how far my brother lives! His car is out of commission and therefore, I had to go and get him. Before heading home, we decided to hit the local Starbucks for a coffee to go boy, was that a mistake! It took forever to order and get my Americano! I guess everyone was getting a bit edgy cos nothing is opened on Christmas day except Starbucks and 7-11!
Once we got home, I helped mom prep for dinner, we were having a very Asian dinner, sirloin steaks wrapped in bacon, steamed King Crab with butter dipping sauce, veggies and dip (mine of course), buttered corn, ceasar salad (didn't have that cos I don't like Caesars, that's why I brought up the veggies and dip), and of course, butter seasoned roasted baby white potatoes (my grams' specialty). Gosh, there was so much food and leftovers! We were totally stuffed! Kay was getting a bit anxious cos the new rule is no Christmas presents until after dinner! She didn't even get to open one this morning cos she opened all her gifts from Rhoda et all last night! After dinner and clearing the dishes, we decided to rest a bit and have coffee with dessert, mom made a chocolate kahlua and vodka cake with a rum glaze (that was my idea). Delish!

Finally, after all that waiting, Kay was able to open gifts around 9pm! What a sight! All those gifts under the tree were really for her!! She got so spoiled!! Every year my mom gets really creative in trying to trick my brother when opening his gifts and this year, she got him good. She put a bottle of Coke in a big box with lots of tissue and when he went through every tissue, that was all. Boy was he ever disappointed although he tried to hide it but of course, taped to the bottom of the box was a lucky red envelope! Christmas with the family is always very entertaining! Hope everyone had a great Christmas!

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Joss said...

Oh this photo is too cute!! :)
Made me go "Awwww...."