Friday, December 07, 2007

Shoe Shopping

Me bad.... me very very bad..... I picked up 5 pairs of shoes in the last two days. I could not help it, I know I am very bad. I have been looking for snow boots since the snowstorm last weekend and I thought I found a couple of pairs at Aldo but instore and online are very different. The ones online had a faux fur trim but not fully lined with faux fur and the soles on the bottom of the shoes did not have a good grip for the winter which meant these were really "fashion snow / winter" boots. After no success at Aldo during my lunch break, Rhoda sent me a text to tell me the Aldo Outlet store was having buy one, get one free! That's better than Payless BOGO! (Buy One, Get One half price) We decided to head over there after work to take a look and see if I could find anything, I didn't find any boots but I did find two pairs of really cute shoes for $50! Buy one, get one FREE, that's $25 each! After Aldo Outlet, we headed over to Shoe Warehouse on Granville cos we noticed a huge sign on the front window saying 2 pairs of boots for $90 and that's a great price esp. since the both of us were looking for snow boots! Well, the sale did not apply to the snow boots only to "fashion" pleather high boots :( But Rhoda and I found a great pair of boots for the snow and faux fur lining for $90 a pair. We both got a pair, she got them in brown and I got them in black, they even have cute little pom poms :) After Shoe Warehouse, we headed over to Holt Renfrew to look at Fidelity jeans cos there was a Fidelity Sample Sale we were going to and I wanted to check out the jeans and see how the fit is but we didn't end up there, we ended up at the designer sale!! Designer shoe sale!! But I couldn't find any Stuart's in my size :( but I did find a pair of funky Pumas in my size and at a really good price, $50!! We did try to find the Fidelity jeans but we couldn't find any :( We decided to call that a night as I went home with 4 pairs of shoes! Then today, I ended up checking out B2 on Robson cos they are also having a designer shoe sale! My boots were on sale!! I went in to see them and try them on again but found a pair of Stuarts that I was looking at the other day in my size!! Soooo pretty!! I have a huge shoe problem, I loved them so much, I had to have them! Five pairs in two days.... but I didn't buy ANYTHING at the Fidelity sale cos I didn't like the way the jeans fit on me so I saved $100 from there!

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