Saturday, December 15, 2007

Busy Afternoon

I have been sick for the past week and it really hit me hard on Wednesday and Thursday (out of commission for two whole days!) but today, feeling a bit better but decided to not take the chance of getting really sick so I decided to take two (or four) cold / flu pills that my mom bought from the USA. These pills are super strong and mask your sickness for up to 4 hours!! It's not even legal in Canada and I am waiting for the side effects to kick in. I was suppose to bake a birthday cake for Rhoda but didn't have enough time since I was running around all afternoon with my mom. I ended up picking a really pretty cake at Michele's but not the one I wanted, I wanted a fresh mango cake but it's not in season, so I settled for a fresh fruit cake, we'll see how that taste. After all the running around with my mom, I finally went home to prepare my dip for the veggie platter and wait for Kay to come home. She's got a babysitting job tonight but both she and Erin are running a tad bit late. Can't wait to hit the party, it's going to be super fun!

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